Friday, February 21, 2014

Trader Joe and the Return of the Strawberry Hiccups

Dear Trader Joe's,

I am so sorry.  It was not meant to happen in your store.  I had a just picked up SH1 from school to have his teacher tell me that he complained of belly pain and was not himself.  I was not worried; I knew this was constipation.  I gave him some juice to drink on the way home both as a treat and to help hydrate.  After all I am an internist and have been pregnant three times such that I know the curative benefits of having regular bowel movements.  We went to Costco to pick up our photo Valentine cards.  My son reassured me that he was okay and really wanted to do this.  I had one more stop to make to pick up salsa for the class party tomorrow as well as bottle of wine for liquid patience and stamina as I helped address and put together 27 valentines with a 6 year old.
Finished product with a homemade flower in mine instead of a lollipop

We were in and through the check-out in 10 minutes.  SH1 vomited right inside the door of Trader Joe's, one step away from freedom.  (SH2 once vomited an entire belly of strawberries about a year ago and on that fateful night she was crying about wanting the 'strawberry hiccups' to stop).  My son had just drunk red juice with strawberries in it -- cue the return of strawberry hiccups.  Customers stepped in his puke before they knew what was happening.  I stood there telling him how sorry I was as his giant and tearful brown eyes pleaded with me to stop the heaving.  I tried to pull the bottom bag off the double bagged items but it would (tug) not (tug) come (tug and riiipppp!).  Nice customers and employees rushed to our aid offering a trash can and even a bottle of water.  I stood by rubbing his little back and apologizing to him. "I'm so sorry buddy, I'm sorry. It is okay."

So much of being a mom is instinct and interestingly so is a lot of being a physician.  We are taught as doctors in training to function well with sleep deprivation; to be able to react appropriately, automatically.  Amazingly those early months/years of sleep deprivation as a mom teach us the same thing.  On this day as my son heaved in Trader Joe's I just stood there rubbing his back.  The physician instinct to fix, apologize, and help clean up was quiet.  I didn't collect his vomit in my hands as I have a tendency to do in a panic.  I tried to protect him from embarrassment and I let him empty his guts.  This was a case of mom instinct all the way.

Sorry about the pink vomit in your entry Trader Joes, but I admit I am so glad it was not in my car and I didn't feel any pressure whatsoever to collect it in my cupped hands.  

Eternally grateful and forever a customer,
3 Small Humans  

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