Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Hiked 65,843 Steps and All I Got Was This Bible Verse

I hiked 65,843 steps in one day.  I never would have imagined that hiking all those steps was going to be one of the easier challenges I would face these past few weeks.
Yes, I climbed all the way up this and then a lot more.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moving Heaven and Earth

I had previously mentioned wanting to move my parents closer to us so that we could help them more; help them enjoy the things they love about life.  We moved them.  It was a very long week (okay more like a month) of packing, de-cluttering, organizing, and stressing.

The day of “The Move” was long, hot and hard.  It takes a village and in this case it took approximately 15 people 14+ hours, but in the end they slept on clean sheets in a made bed in an unpacked house eight blissful minutes away from us.

They live close (like come-for-dinner-and-go-home-let’s-not-make-a-night-of-it close) and we recently had them over for dinner to celebrate escrow finally closing on the sale of their old home.  The kids and I made chocolate cake with white icing which is their favorite.  My mom helped with SH1’s homework and instructed me on how to re-wash the couch cushion covers.  My dad tirelessly played hide and seek with SH2 and SH3.  I made dinner and answered pages, accepted patients from other hospitals, and talked to residents via phone while my husband mowed the lawn.  It was all very pedestrian, perfectly pedestrian.
The same private waterfall we took a photo at 10 years ago
The only thing changed about it was us
It takes a village to raise 3 small humans, it take a village to get homework done with SH1 when SH2 and SH3 want to play and dinner has to get on the table but your physician wife doesn’t get home until 6:11pm and she has had a very long day too.  It takes a village to downsize 66 years of life into a 2 bedroom town home.  It takes a village to feed/shuttle/love/bathe 3 kids so my husband and I can go on a once in a lifetime 10 year anniversary vacation to Maui WITHOUT small humans.

We brought SH2 a coconut purse (because she is a “collector”) from Hawaii and she has not put it down.  
"This is my coconut purse, my Mom and Dad
brought it back for me from Huhwhyi.
Do you want to see what is inside?" 
She tells every.single.person she sees about where it is from and how she became the proud owner of such a treasure.  The coconut purse is breaking already; the lining is coming away from the coconut.  I know nothing will replace this coconut purse and I have decided to take a “come what may” approach to its eventual demise.  SH2 is growing up; they all are.  SH3 sleeps in a big girl bed and shares a room with her sister and SH1 has a bunk bed in a room of his own.  The nursery furniture was carted away by a sweet couple who are excited to start a new chapter in their lives. 

I am so glad that this all came at once, the move, the big girl bed, the vacation, the Ikea 100000 piece bunk bed, and the reconnection with the man I love.  If not, I would have cried on the floor of the empty nursery laying in the spot where SH3 ground Desitin into the carpet and wondered what was next.  
Two days before we sold this furniture I spent no less than 4 hours 
attempting to get Desitin out of the carpet/ottoman.
The smile on her face...grrrrrr
My village supports me.  My God sustains me.

For the first time in my life, “come what may” is not welcoming the other shoe to drop, but ushering in a new chapter wherein things are a little easier and I smile more.  I am in a really good place right now and I thought you should know.
Perfection in so many ways

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