Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All Because Two People Fell In Love (and Wrote A Letter Together)

Every year since BH1 and I were married we have written a Christmas letter.  Honestly, the first few years before kids when I was in residency the content was a little sparse.  Yes, yes I know it is seemingly generic and ridiculous.  I too have gotten the letters extolling the virtues of "perfect" children wherein Johnny is playing 6 sports at a college level even though he is in the fifth grade and Susie is a straight A student with her heart set on Julliard at the age of 12.  Our letter is not that letter.  Sure we get a chance to brag about our kids (who wouldn't?), but ultimately it is our year in review.  Our chance to look back on the year, good and bad and reflect on all the (mis)adventures we had and how we grew spiritually, emotionally, and physically.   
Our "perfect" kids
Photo credit: Ben W Photographic