Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Do I Torture You? Let Me Count the Ways

My husband and I just celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary.  We met in high school at the mutual age of 16, but our friendship did not turn romance until 2001 and since then we have celebrated a number of Halloweens together.  As a kid, I celebrated "Harvest" and dressed up as a Biblical character for the church harvest party which really was fun, but we did not go trick or treating.  Admittedly there is a part of me that is making up for that 9 year old that wanted so badly to be Strawberry Shortcake and as such I tend go overboard on Halloween and plan coordinated family costumes months in advance.   In my Ode to My Husband post on Facebook I used a picture of us this last Halloween which honestly might be my favorite pic that we have ever taken together (aside from our wedding pictures of course). 
I mean seriously this photo is amazing
Photo credit:  My sister in law, Jessica
I commented in my post that he is so wonderful about wearing the most ridiculous Halloween costumes that I can dream up.  Not only does he wear them; he WEARS them.  He really owns the part he is forced to play.  Most of his costumes end up being a one piece polyester or vinyl uni-suit which is no picnic when it is still 100F in October, but he does it for that 9 year old part of me that wants so badly to wear a costume.  He does it because he loves all of me, even the neurotic making-up-for-your-nonHalloween-celebrating-childhood parts.  He commented on that Facebook post by posting a picture of one of our first Halloweens together with a photo that I did not know even existed.  It was then I realized that I have made him look ridiculous A.L.O.T. 
You are under arrest!  CARDIAC ARREST!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Own Worst Enemy

I am real crappy at taking a compliment.  I am not the type to argue if you say something nice; I will politely listen to your kind words and thank you.  The issue is that I rarely if ever take the words to heart.  I can't translate them into improved self-image.  

I do have a few areas where I feel I have some skill and when it comes to most forms of communication I feel somewhat gifted.   This weekend was the resident's graduation and it is always a night I enjoy.  Everyone gets dressed up and grins from ear to ear with pride and accomplishment.  You meet all the beautiful families that you have only heard about.  It was this night that I was completely taken off guard.  An ultimate compliment was given and I couldn't pull it together to even do my typical polite thank you. 
The only photo I have from the night is this pre-award ceremony obligatory car selfie