Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Life is Poop

SH1 loves animals.  He wanted a petting zoo birthday party.  He was the ONLY kid that stayed in the gated area with the animals for the entire time they were at our house.  He missed eating pizza dinner at his own party because of his dedication to petting, holding, and chasing the animals.  Of all the parties we have thrown this kid, this is by far our greatest triumph.  

Best party ever!

I now draw your attention to the young ladies behind us...
Yes, that is my two girls fascinated by  watching a man scoop poop.  Please note there are no animals in their field of vision.  I have multiple shots of them watching him at different times scooping.  My niece in the pink dress is brushing a goat and she is a bit younger than SH3.  Why doesn't SH3 want to brush a goat or a cow?  What is it with the poop fascination in our house?  Geesh. 

They did take a minute away from poop watching to pet the rabbits which I admit was adorable.

SH2 informed me today while on the potty that "Ca-ca is another word for poop". Yes it is; it sure is.  My life is poop and I really don't mind too much.  Except for the pooper scooper watching, that is admittedly a little strange.  

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