Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How My Life is Like My Amazon Cart

I would certainly consider my life full.  My Amazon cart is also full.  Well it can never be 'full' per se, you can just keep adding more items to it and 'Save for Later', something I desperately wish that I could do in real life.  I have over 300 items in my cart, some for years.  I rarely if ever go back and look at them, but those items were hand picked by me.  I made my choices based on reading the reviews and their star ratings.  I weed out the crazy all CAPITALS reviews and pore spielllers to find the people that I trust and make informed decisions based on their insights.  I wish there was a way I could first read the reviews on life decisions and ignore the crazy all capitalized poorly spelled ones.  But then again maybe I don't wish that. 

I am pretty sure the conception of SH3 would have had the following reviews: 

Review 1.     
 Review 2.

It was determined in recent studies that three children is the most difficult number of children to have.  Parents with three children are more likely to get divorced than parents in double and single child homes and that these parents are, when surveyed, the most stressed and unhappy about being parents.  I would strongly recommend against this.

I am so incredibly happy that there were never any Amazon reviews for me to look at before we we hit the 'Place Your Order' button on the decision to have SH3.  I realize a lot of my life is research.  At work everyday I am reading articles and considering the evidence for or against treatment options based on certain patient demographics.  At home I consider brand names vs. generics, 200 thread count vs. 600, front loading vs. top loading.  I love Consumer Reports and would never buy an appliance without pages of their reviews lining my purse as I enter the store.

When we thought of having SH3 we simply prayed.  I felt like God was telling me our family was not complete and my husband agreed and then 9 months later there she was.  SH3 is a light.  She is a survivor as all youngest kids have to be I assume.  She is only 18 months and my mom thinks that if she escaped out the front door she would fare a lot better than SH1 or SH2.  We give SH2 30 minutes on the ability to survive scale and SH1 gets a bit more time like 6 hours if he had his bike and water bottle with him.  SH3 however would push out her adorable tummy and walk away to seek her fortune.  She would curl up on someone's doorstep and when they opened the door she would breeze in as if she owned the place and then live there and they would let her because she is amazing.  She has wispy baby curls and says "Tank u" a lot.  She by choice doesn't say the word yes, but shakes her head so much to affirm your question that her cheeks jiggle.  She likes to lay in her bed and talk to her many babies and if you try and get her out too soon she cries and yells "no" because she just wants a few more minutes to herself.  I couldn't agree more; I would love a few more minutes to myself.  She is the best cuddler of the three and can read the room like no baby I have ever known.  I am  trying to be stern and serious with her but actually laughing on the inside and she can tell so she smiles a gappy grin and giggles knowing I will succumb to her whims instead of vice versa.
Photo by Terah Lake Photography
 My brother in law once joked with me that he ordered something from Amazon and expected it at his house later that same day.  I asked why and he said, "The item is only coming from your garage 10 houses away.  Your garage is an Amazon distribution center isn't it?  There are a million smiles in your garage so I only assumed."  Yes, there are a lot of boxes with smiles on them in our garage.  I love the convenience and speedy shipping but most of all I love the informed reviews on the products I am thinking of purchasing.

I find myself thanking God every day that SH3 is here and was not lost in my Amazon cart to be looked at, mulled over, researched, inquiries made about, and then ultimately saved for later.  SH3 is the best least informed decision we ever made and because of her my life is full.  

**I dedicate this post to my little sister who just knew that there was post in me about my Amazon cart and she was right and my friends TL and SM who have made some hard but wonderfully exciting decisions that no Amazon reviewer would recommend.**

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  1. A friend sent me your link bc we both are in the "should we have a third?" Stage .....and while we never analyzed having one or two, for some reason, three seems harder to decide on. Maybe because it takes you from "sure I'll babysit" to "sorry, I'm not free that day/night/month/year"?! But I'm taking your lead.....praying on something has never- not once- lead me astray

    1. Awww so glad! I can't imagine my world without that chubby angel. That being said no one babysits anymore and I cried for three says when I found out I was pregnant and we are far from being even close to doing it well, but she is awesome!

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  2. Having kids is like drinking beer, according to Dennis, sober 35 years now. The first is a shock to your system, the second beer always tastes better, the third is amazing, the fourth helps you to feel no pain, and the fifth is black out (you lose control of everything and remember nothing).