Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is that an angel? Nope, it is a kindergarten teacher.

My son's kindergarten teacher is amazing.  I am worried because we are only in kindergarten and the bar has been set very high.  Too high?  Perhaps.  Meh who cares, we love her, all of us.  I have given my husband permission that he can marry her if I die, she is a suitable replacement caretaker for my precious angels.  It is, of course, going to require that he breaks up her own relationship and be willing to live more frugally, teacher salary and all.  He reports that he is willing to do this but just for her. 
My son's, SH1's (small human 1), kindergarten teacher sends us emails sometimes during the day.  My son is a charmer and as a charmer who loves his teacher he often says charming things to her which she then re-tells to us. 
I share with you the exchange right before Christmas break.  
**Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

SH1: "Miss Awesome Teacher, is that moonshine?"
Ms. Awesome Teacher: "Nah, just water with lemon. What is moonshine?"
SH1: "My dad watches moonshine shows so that's all I ever think about.  Plus that kinda looks like it."

To his credit it very much looks like moonshine.  How do you respond when your five year old talks about moonshine with his teacher at school? 1.  You turn off the show "Moonshiners" whenever he walks in the room from now on or vow to never watch it again.  2.  Apologize with embarrassment and shame.  Nah x 2.   
My husband replied, "Wow!  Good thing I don't watch shows about marijuana, rattlesnakes, or abandoned storage units. Good luck getting that crap out of your head. BTW, not sure anyone would blame you for drinking moonshine at work."

I couldn't stop laughing and neither could his teacher when I saw her a few days later.  
A teacher that loves our son and thinks he is as charming and hilarious as we do?  Check.

Thank God for teachers who show my kids how amazing and fun learning can be.  I have taken a page from the kindergartener-questions-probing-for-information-about-what-goes-on-at-your-house handbook and will ask more "What is moonshine?" questions because the answer may just be the best I have heard all day.

PS: we do watch shows about rattlesnakes and abandoned storage units but those thankfully have not yet come up in conversation

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