Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Yes, my kids are in that super hilarious (*sarcasm*) phase in which "potty words" are really funny.  They are funny to drop at the dinner table, to substitute in Frozen song lyrics in the car ("Let it gooo, Let it gooo, the poopy never bothered me anyway"), to whisper loudly in an ear, to shout as you jump off the jungle gym, and everywhere in between.  Our canned line has been, "Potty words belong in the bathroom", and as expected they are wise to this and now upon entering the bathroom in any capacity they will sing song potty words the entire livelong day.  They are smart; they get it.  Poopy is funny.  What is not funny is that SH2 still has several pee accidents a day and now SH3 wants to start using the "big girl potty."
As minions, we are in this together

SH2 had her further testing since being hospitalized and saw the urologist wherein which we got a clean bill of health (Thank God!).  Urologically the kid is intact, but from a pee pee panty standpoint there is still work to be done.  I literally threw her a party because she didn't have an accident for a 12 hour period--we had popcorn and special movie night.  The next day she had three accidents.  Her sister, SH3 is now desperate to start using the potty and anxiously pleads to sit on it whenever she is in the bathroom for any reason which is always exciting…a horrific amount of work and laundry but exciting.  I was thinking the same thing you are, "This is great now peer pressure will get SH2 to start being the big girl she claims to be!"  I am now 0% optimistic this will be the case; SH2 could care less what SH3 is up too.  Albeit this is positively protective in the sense that she is unlikely to fold under peer pressure and will always march to the beat of her own drum.  
SH2 is making a silly face in every.single.picture.

On the other end of the gastrointestinal tract...I took SH1 to the dentist because he was complaining of pain and was diagnosed with "shark teeth" (a dentist term not mine) where his lower adult teeth are growing in behind the baby teeth that he had not lost.  The pediatric dentist reassured me and normalized it; encouraging SH1 to get to wiggling and twisting those teeth on our way out the door with a balloon sword in hand.  He has not wriggled them (without being reminded) since the visit.  We have tried Tooth Fairy tales of money and hilarious photo-ops to encourage him to no avail.  I quite think he likes the way his smile looks now and is not anxious to have the gap-toothed one his peers are sporting these days.  I finally got tired of begging and we tried the tie a string around the tooth and then the doorknob trick and it totally worked.  I want him to be a big boy.  I can’t wait for the gap toothed photos and to sneak money under his pillow.  I guess I want him to grow up to see all that this world has for him and for the world to see his precious gap toothed smile.
SH1 is the only silly kid I have ever met
who doesn't want to lose his baby teeth
I make them wiggle baby teeth, but won't let them play video games or ride a bike down the street.  I get upset when they won't potty train but expect them to do their chores every single day and use silverware when eating.  Wait a second.  I changed my mind; I don’t want them to grow up. 

I don’t get to pick and choose the areas I want them to grow up in or pause time when I want them to stay little forever.  Maybe I tolerate the pee pee panties, potty talk, and baby teeth a while longer.  What do you do when there is no more puffy diaper booty filling out a cute pair of baby Gap skinny jeans?  Cry?  Celebrate?  Drink?  All of the above?
SH2 is 100% potty trained when she wants to be and God knows that will never be on my timeline.
Now where is that pause button?
If only I could hit the pause button...

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